The Etruscan Coast, its hills, its headlands, are the places where you can find Castiglioncello, suspended between the white beaches, cliffs carved by the wind, medieval villages, bays, creeks and hills of the Mediterranean. On the beach you are in the shade of the pines, junipers accompany you from the rocks, the oaks are just a step away from the sea.

Between sea and nature in short, winding path that leads to small architectural treasures, artistic, kept between the folds of this beloved land by the Etruscans who have littered with important evidence.

Castiglioncello is the pearl of the Etruscan Coast, an enchanted rediscovered over the centuries, even after the Etruscans, Romans, by noble Florentines in the Medieval Age, politicians of all the 900, by poets which D’Annunzio is the most known as Great directors, actors, writers and so forth.

The ’50s and ’60s saw Castiglioncello protagonist of the first order of the phenomena of renewal mundane and customs of our Italian, important films of our cinematic history were here the first stirrings, there is the famous character in those years has not passed for Castiglioncello. I deliberately postponed the presence of Painters Macchiaioli, the Impressionists Italian, that from the second half of 1800 attended continuously witnessed by the works named this promontory in Castiglioncello, coming to give life to the School of Painting in Castiglioncello. Not by chance Castiglioncello lent itself to provide the basis of observation of those Mediterranean colors-Tuscan Italian Impressionism was trying to customize taking the cue from the bottom of the main European schools.


A part of the deal which Painters Macchiaioli Edward Borrani, Giovanni Costa, Giovanni Fattori, Signorini, Giuseppe Abbati, Vincenzo Cabianca, Peter Sense, Ugo Manaresi, Adolfo Tommasi, Vittorio Corcos, Alfredo Muller, John Bartolena, because their work is of such vital for Italian painting, requiring a large chapter.

Castiglioncello is still more than before and also art, entertainment, culture, Castiglioncello Festival lasts almost all year round and is in charge of maintaining ARMUNIA always on this hotbed of theater, music, debate on the big issues of Philosophy, Semiotics, Infants Education, Literature, Sculpture. The Etruscan Coast, Castiglioncello, a place, a place where life can still afford to move more slowly than elsewhere. The medieval villages, set against the rolling hills and rich in a thousand-year history, they have cobbled streets, churches, libraries, towered palaces, churches and castles, which are reviving a past time that seems so close here. At their feet the sea which is the heart of the Etruscan Coast and that is your constant companion. He lives in the history of this area, in its landscapes, sunsets colors and perfumes the air.


It ‘a sea alive and vital, populated by wildlife pregiata.Le beaches come in the pine forests and groves of lime trees and tamarisk, whose aromas perfume the air and mingle with the smell of salt.

And the Mediterranean, with the afternoon after that go to the beach is nearly touching the crystal clear sea.

All the beauty is at a stone’s throw away, the oasis of Bolgheri and Magona, and the hills of Livorno, protected areas, wildlife refuges populated by rare and precious species, a campaign full of colors and scents: Coast of the Etruscans nature, salvagurdata and protected, not only setting, but the essence of this land.


Olive groves, holm oaks and cork oaks, chestnut trees, are crossed by paths that lead to embroidery villages,

ancient monuments, but also to the city of Pisa, Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Arezzo, Florence, and then to hamlets such as Bolgheri, Bibbona, Donoratico, Massa Marittima, Calci.

In the fertile countryside, which stretches from the sea to the hill slopes, unravels the wine road, illuminated by the sun filtering through the trees and shines the vineyards, a journey of the senses and the soul.

E ‘in Bolgheri which was founded in 1970, Sassicaia, not just a wine but one of the legends of the world.

In just twenty years in this area there has been a boom in the production of wine of excellent quality.

That area was marginal throughout the long range of hills between Castiglioncello Piombino, has become the place of the apotheosis of Italian wine, taking in tow all the other products of this land, honey, extra virgin olive oil.


And in this land of the Maremma, where there are three names for the Wine of Origin (Montescudaio – Bolgheri – Val Di Cornia), gastronomy is an ancient art that finds nourishment in the quality of local products and in the imagination of cooks, giving rise to real places of worship for gourmets from all over the world to rediscover the flavors and tastes forgotten

June 28, 2021