Chianti of Pisa hills

Chianti dei colli pisani

The Bianco Pisano di San Torpoint is a DOC wine produced in the hills of Pisa that already boast a long tradition of winemaking. Terricciola, Lari, Chianni, Palaia, Fauglia, Casciana are localities where the wine business is still carried on in spite of the difficult market.

The vineyard acreage is about 250 acres, with quite dissimilar soils: sandy, loamy, alluvial, calcareous, stony and often rich in marine molluscs. The annual production is about 10,000 hectoliters. Typically the wine of these areas is not suitable for aging, but it is to be drunk young.

AREA: extreme west of the Chianti region.

SPECIFICATION: Input to trade after 1 March by the harvest. Yield of 80q/ha. minimum alcohol content of 11.5 percent.

CHARACTERISTICS: wine of elegance and softness, with a good balance and easy to drink.

PAIRING: whole meal is also accompanied by some fish dishes.

June 23, 2021