It ‘a picturesque medieval village just a short walk from the Etruscan Coast. Its origins date back to before the year one thousand, and it was between the tenth and fourteenth centuries that took on the character still recognizable. In addition to the walls, were built in this period the Church of San Giusto, the Rock, the Town Hall and the Cloister of St. Francis. Fief of the Counts Aldobrandeschis, became a free city of the Republic of Pisa, and in 1399 became part of the Lordship of the Appiani. Since then, for some centuries, it was part of the Principality of Piombino, which was built in the sixteenth century Belvedere castle and the ironworks were built to Forni di Cornia. During the Napoleonic era was assigned to Elisa Bonaparte Baiocchi, who organized in the resort village wooded Montioni a productive and spa. In 1815 it became the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, which shared its fate until the unification of Italy. Its economy, a predominantly agriculture and forestry, have made it a lively town, including the first in the Province of Pisa and later in that of Livorno.

June 28, 2021