Natural Wonders of the Etruscan Coast

Meraviglie Naturali della Costa degli Etruschi

When the green is colored blue because of parks and protected areas, wildlife refuges, pine-woods, mark the border with the sea, nature is no longer just a frame, but the very essence of a land.

In the Etruscan coast, the fertile countryside changing colors and light, stretches from the sea to the hill slopes and is crossed by trails that wind through forests of olive trees, chestnut trees, holm oaks and cork trees, trails ideal for trekking, mountain biking, horse riding and to collect mushrooms and chestnuts.


Meraviglie Naturali della Costa degli Etruschi

Villas, country houses and farms overlooking the green, converted to farmhouses, accompany and comfort breaks of the visitors.

The Wine Route, along which you will meet famous products such as Sassicaia, runs between the hills and the sea, illuminated by the sun filtering through the trees and shines the vineyards.

Precious jewels, protected and stored, are part of the natural heritage of  the Etruscan Coast and are ready to welcome visitors but respectful:  the Oasi of Bolgheri, beautiful and evocative “wetland of international importance” populated by thousands of waterbirds, with walkways and cabana, and Orti Bottegone to Piombino, where he will meet flamingos, ibises, storks, herons.


Meraviglie Naturali della Costa degli Etruschi

June 22, 2021