The Tuscan honey shop of Castiglioncello


The Tuscan honey shop of Castiglioncello

In Castiglioncello, winters are never particularly long and harsh, there are rarely long periods of drought or snowfall, while the summer heat is always mitigated by fresh and lovely sea breezes.

This microclimate is ideal for variegated spontaneous blooms, consisting mostly of evergreen shrubs and aromatic plants as well as a great variety of colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year, painting beautiful spots of color in the landscapes of each season.

This mild and abundant climate makes Castiglioncello the ideal environment for the activity of bees.

Our bees offer us many wildflower honeys with various properties and characteristics depending on the period in which they are harvested.

The taste, color and benefits of honey, in fact, depend on the pollen and nectars with which it will be produced.

In addition to wildflower honeys, exceptional monofloral honeys are also produced in Castiglioncello such as acacia, clover, heather and other very rare and peculiar honeys of the area such as the one with a delicate flavor of marruca, with beneficial properties for the stomach or that with green reflections of spaccalocchio, excellent table honey with balsamic effects.

Bees are part of our community, we love and respect them, we know how intelligent they are and we care about their existence. In fact, we avoid intense cultivation and the spreading of poisons, precisely to protect our hives.


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